9 May 2015  
On The Victory Day, we congratulate you.
On this day we wish,
So the freedom of the will without end
Continue to decorate our world.

We wish the faith and the hope
Always are followed through life.
So peaceful sky, as before,
Brought only bright thoughts.

10 March 2015  
Dear colleagues! The Moregrand company is glad to offer you services in automatic and manual packing of various production (including snacks, groceries, confectionery, etc.) in consumer packing on own capacities. On the arisen questions and placement of demands address to Smirnov Pavel Aleksandrovich.


ph. +7-926-012-40-80
12 April 2015  
Our congratulations with the holiday of spring
and Easter. Wish a bright and happy life, longevity
and good healths, always luck in your home and on life's way.
Christ Is Risen!

8 March 2015  
Dear girls!
Let this day, on March 8, will present to you great mood, execution of all desires!
Let it will become start new undertakings, which will bring only joy! Sincere smiles and kind words every day!
Congratulate you with a spring holiday!

Sincerely yours employees,
MOREGRAND company.


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